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Hey there! I'm Edvard, and the things you need to know about me. I'm really easy going, love making people laugh and smile. In school I was known to be the class clown you can say. I do my very best to make you feel super comfortable in front of the camera, as we know, it's not easy for majority of the people to be in front of a camera. I'll crack jokes with you, make you laugh and ease up. 

As for photography style I like to keep it clean, classic, and romantic. I give direction when we see its needed and we also step back and allowing moments to unfold naturally when needed. I pride myself in creating so much more than beautiful photos but a warm, loving, and fun filled experience for you guys. I love to make couples feel loved, and beautiful and most of all I love to be able to make you guys laugh and enjoy your time


As Seen In

Giving back to the community is always something that has been a part of me. I've always wanted to make the world a better place then I left it. I've had the opportunity to serve in Ghana Africa for a month long trip two Decembers in a row 2016/17. And a few timed in Mexico. In Ghana I was able to serve there as a camp counselor for one of the few groups that we had in our day camps for the children from the village. We had two different camps in different villages. My first year we had both camps at the same village, two camps for two different age groups of kids. My second year of going to Ghana we were serving at a Muslim Village known as the Fulani Tribe. We set up day camps for the children, we had games for them, crafts, sports, and most important of all we had our Bible lessons to teach them who Jesus is. Also one of our other main goals when we go to Ghana is provide clean water to the villages. Many of the villages have extremely dirty water. We raised money here in the states and set up villages with clean water by building water wells. Also we provide children and families with some food and clothing, school supplies, etc. 

Giving Back to the People

Traveling is defiantly one of my favorite things to do when I get the chance too! It's always such a fun journey. My goal is to capture weddings in different parts of the world year round. My favorite thing about traveling is to see all the different cultures and see how people in different parts of the world do things differently. There is nothing more beautiful than trying new things and seeing the beautiful nature every part of the world provides. 

Here are a few photos from the Beautiful country of Iceland

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